Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wisconsin winters.

If you have lived in Wisconsin all your life, as I have, you grow accustomed to the bad weather, the snow, the icy roads, the crashes (I see a lot of them) shoveling and snowblowing, hurting your back while you are shoveling and snowblowing, and the dreaded arctic cold blast following the massive snow dump.

Well, as I grow older, I must be getting less tolerable (or capable) of dealing with the Wisconsin winters. I just looked over the next 24 hour forecast on, and I do not like what I see. The snow is coming, not fast mind you, but real slow. It is supposed to start snowing at around 5-6am on Friday (the 9th) and it will probably continue until Saturday (the 10th) at around 6am. The weather man (or women, or men?) is forecasting between 4-8" of the white stuff, maybe more, depending on how the storm tracks or if the front stalls over the fine state of WI.

So, what did I do to cope with this latest weather impediment (it is an impediment; it is impeding my ability to get my bikes out on the road and start cracking off some miles)? I took the day off from work. There are several benefits for this; one being I will have a 3 day weekend. Two, I don't have to struggle with the drive in to work and then struggle again later in the night to get home, plus drive around in the snowstorm all night. Three, my wife is off, so we can have a family night and enjoy a fire, maybe a family movie night, some popcorn and maybe even get some snowshoeing in with the kids (they got new showshoes for Christmas, at which time, all the snow melted, go figure).

Oh and # four in the list of benefits, I will have all the time I need to dig out my mom's house, her neighbor's house and my own place! More back breaking shoveling with lots of snowblowing, grand times. Tally ho, bring on the snow!

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