Monday, January 5, 2009

Today's workout.

Swimming at JMBA, Beck also went with her mom. I did a full 20 laps, for 914 meters/1000 yards, with rest breaks. I think I figured out (partially) what I was doing wrong last summer; at that time, I was pushing really hard, trying to swim to fast, causing my breathing rate to increase, thereby increasing my HR. SO, today I concentrated on form, technique and breathing, while going at an easier pace. I kept my breathing much more controlled, even, and took deeper breaths.

I was able to swim for just over 45 minutes, HR avg/max of 132/148, 475 kcal. I am going to swim again this Friday. The shoulders are a little sore (enough so to warrant some tylenol tonight!), especially the left one, which I jacked up at work about one month ago.

I have also sworn off soda, much of the sweets I was eating, and also eating later at night, which is one of my bad habits I have developed while working second shift the past ten years. JMBA has this cool machine that will measure height, weight, BMI and body fat. Well, lets just say I put on almost 10 lbs since I last weighed myself. My BMI is not acceptable now, even though my body fat % stayed in the "good" range. I was going to clean up my eating soon anyways, in prep for the long FLETC ride in May. This is just the kick in the head I needed, it should serve as great motivation and my goal is to lose that 10 lbs I put on the in the past few months. The funny thing is, I really don't feel that I've lost that much of my fitness level. I'm still running a good pace, and my time on the trainer has been good, I don't feel that I'm behind like I felt last winter when I started base training.

So, I picked up the 100 cal popcorn and tea for the night snack time. It better work!

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