Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 totals.

Ok, finally got to do this, while I'm loading some pics up to Facebook. Here are the totals for 2008:

Bike: 119 rides/129h:15m:29s/93,256 kcal/1,638.8 miles (way down from '07, where I had 150 rides for 2,458 miles!)
Run: 64 runs/29,278 kcal/281.09 miles
Swim: well, lets just say I didn't swim much!

I did not run at all in '07, so running as much as I did is what held my bike mileage down in '08. I was also sick for most of Sept '08, as well as Oct/Nov, going in 3 times for upper respiratory/sinus/bronchitis issues. This shot the hell out of the end of my race season; I missed the Dousmann Duathlon, and missed a bunch of training time due to being so sick. And, I'm going to need to get in the pool A LOT more in '09 if I'm going to even have a shot at finishing the 70.3 in July!

I ran today, did my 5k (roads were crap, snow/slick) in 26m 10s, not bad for this time of year. 397 kcal burned. I don't think I've let my fitness (base fitness) slip as much as in previous winters. I think I will be able to become a little faster this year, hopefully in my run and overall bike split. I need to get to work on my TT bike; I need a shorter stem (90mm vs the 100mm on there now), I want a new crankset (Bonty is junk), and I want to try some straight "S" horns, instead of the J-bend Profile Designs on there now. I need to get my upper body position more tucked and compact; I also need to put more miles in on my TT bike, but this will have to wait until later in the season. I've got maybe 175 miles on her in '08, and I'd like to get about 250-300 miles before racing the Spirit of Racine in July '09.

But, first things first. I need to keep riding the bike every other day, mix in runs, and keep training to get my base up there. THen, when the weather comes around, I'll need to ramp up the long rides and endurance/saddle time for the long bike ride in May '09. I'm going to draw up a training plan, leading into April, so I can peak about 2 weeks before the ride starts. I'll need to fit in a stretch of about 7-8 days riding, straight/no rest days, with some LONG rides tossed in on days off (from work). Each day in this lead-up time will require at least a 3 hr ride; days off from work will be 4-5 hrs. Then, taper the last two weeks leading up to May 1st! Pretty simple, right?

It all started today!

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