Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rest day!

Hey, rest days are important too! Besides, I've worked out 7 straight days in 2009. So, today was haircut and oil change on the van day. My little helper, Abbey, came with. Just had a crumpet with Hummus and carrots. Yes, I'm still logging all my food. Yesterday was a good eats day, not hungry at all, and less caloric intake than the previous day. I was a bit tired/crabby this AM, but that was from staying up too late, chatting on Facebook with Mike 'till 1;30 AM.

Tomorrow is swim day, another 20 (at least) laps. Now, is nap time before work (hey, Abb is napping too, I might as well while I've got the chance!). I'll post more on my thoughts on my diet (not diet, per se, but choice of foods, portions, breaking down meals into smaller bits/more frequent times) in the next day or so. Stay tuned.

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