Friday, January 23, 2009

New hoops! And, it's time for lunch.

I just ordered a new wheelset for my long ride in May. (Pro Bike Kit, for those not aware of the site) has simply awesome prices, when they have things in stock. I got tipped to this sale on (another awesome site for bike junkies like myself!), and I'm glad I didn't wait until after my trainer ride to pull the trigger, I ordered the 2nd to last set left in Shimano drive. So within the next week, I should have a set of '09 Mavic Aksiums dressed in black, complete with skewers, for $148 shipped! I could not find them domestically for under $250; yeah, I know I should keep the cash flowing inside the US, help stimulate the economy, yada yada, etc. But, for this price, forget it, the UK gets my green this time! The shipping time from PBK is not bad, based on the reviews I've read online. Time will tell, and I will tell as well.

As a side note on wheels, I have a slightly older set of Mavic Aksiums on my '06 Giant TCR (see the pic on the top of my page, that's it). These wheels have proven almost bomb proof; I have just shy of 3,500 miles on them since new, with only one rear driveline spoke broken during that time. They have stayed true, despite hitting many large potholes, riding in all sorts of weather and even shipping them to Virginia in 2007 for the 250 mile PUT bike ride. Oh, yeah they've managed to hold up to my weight and serious pounding during training, and by weight, I mean my 186 to 204 lb fluctuations! I will post pics when I get them. Now, almost time for some new tires for those hoops...I'm thinking of going with the Conti GP4000 in black, but I love the Michelin Pro Race 2 (now PR 3), so we'll see what I can find a deal on.

Since yesterday was a R&R day, complete with nap and wrestling time with Abbey, today was trainer time. Temps here are again dropping like the stock market, so getting out on a road ride is pretty much insanely impossible. So here are the stats from my spin:

90 min
1055 kcals
143/158 HR avg/max
in zone 84 min/45 % fat cal

Lunch was a soy (chicken simulation Boca) patty, crumpet, yogurt and a homemade iced coffee. Good stuff.

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