Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Its what we eat, not how far we run.

This is something I am giving much more serious attention to, after weighing myself yesterday. Now, I'm not panicking, nor am I jumping on some fad crazed diet. I don't feel bad, and I don't think I eat that bad. I think I've just slipped, and started snacking too much, or having that 2nd big helping at dinner. And soda, well, I had gotten away from soda entirely a few years back. Lately, I've noticed I will drink one at work, or one out at dinner with the family, or one after a run, or....you get the picture. TOO much soda=bad mojo.

Now, from what I've found online, I'm supposed to consume roughly 1800-2200 calories per day, with 40-50 grams of fat at the most (this might have to slide up a bit, as my workouts begin to increase both in duration and intensity). I used to write down my diet, scheduled meals, etc. but this was when my wife was doing the Weight Watchers thing. She's not doing that anymore, so I'm going to need to be thrifty and do it myself! I started writing a complete, all telling list showing exactly what I've eaten today. I'm going to continue to do this EVERY day until I start to see some of those rogue lbs coming off. I will post back later on what exactly I ate today (yes, I will include that medium cup of coffee w/cream from Starbucks too!).

Oh, and I just got back from a 10k, 57m 59s, 793 kcal, 157/164 HR avg/max. I felt good running today, neck is a little stiff afterwards, but I felt in the zone, just moving along.

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