Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day five

in a row on the trainer. Legs feel pretty good after riding, here are the totals:

75 min
760 kcal/55% fat
132/148 HR avg/max

A good spin, felt more like a recovery day, which is OK after back to back to back to back rides. I tweaked my handlebar height and saddle height, raising the latter, lowering the former one spacer. Results? I felt an immediate benefit to the legs; I felt as though I was able to power through the pedal stroke more efficiently, much smoother, and almost as if there was less resistance. I will try this position a few more rides, get more feedback from my body, and then transfer the measurements over to the Giant.

I still need to start looking for a 90mm stem for the TT bike, to make a more compact cockpit and somehow get a little more comfortable on that rig. The Racine 70.3 is going to be a long, long hilly 56 miles, so comfort will be top priority. I'm sold on the Fizik saddle; this one on my Trek 1500 will go to the TT bike, and I'm going to order 2 exact Fizik Ariones for both road bikes (exact, well, except for the fact they will be the road Arione models, not the TT model!).

Thats it. I'm going to get ready for my last assigned 2nd shift work day for a long time, at least, as far as I can see (yeah, I will probably do a trade or two over the summer to help the guys out, but, that will be by choice, not mandate!).

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