Monday, January 26, 2009

Some things to look forward to.

I've got several things I'm really looking forward to. The first, probably the biggest, is the fact that tomorrow (well, today now) is my last day of working 2nd shift. After 10.5 years of working nights, I am finally going to the world of the day shifters! My first day on days will be Feb 1st, and I've got 4 days off between now and then, which is a bonus. This is going to be weird!

The next thing I'm looking forward to is that I'm getting tested for VO2 max and HR zones on Sat 1/31. My buddy and I are doing this at a multi sport expo being held at the WI State Fair Expo center. It sounds cool, and the test will be done on a treadmill for approx 15 minutes. The expo itself looks pretty cool, there are many different multi sport vendors and events you can participate in. There is a 3 mile ITT sponsored by Emery's Cycle, I might do this one too (I know, I'm going to fry my legs good!). There is also an endless swim tank; you can have your swim technique video taped and they will analyze it and give suggestions to improve form. They have a runner gait analysis area, and I think I might pony up for some new shoes (my Adidas Supernova are shot, they are squeaky in the cold!). They have massage, PT sessions, break out groups, guest speakers, I think I even saw Frankie Andreau was talking one of the days. That would be cool to see, I would like to hear his take on things.

Monday was the 4th straight day on the trainer, another 70 min spin session. I pushed it hard the last 5 minutes, WOW, that was a burner. Legs felt good, though, so I'm shooting for day #5 on Tue, another 60-90 minutes. I want to condition my legs for an 8 day straight stint when the weather finally breaks and it warms up past 8 deg. I still have ZERO road miles in for 2009; this is sad, the weather and road conditions have been horrendous so far. My buddy and I were talking about logging miles on the trainer versus just logging time; I've never counted miles on the trainer, only time and kcals burned. He logs miles, but I don't agree that trainer miles are real miles. Don't get me wrong, the trainer is tough, but road miles are road miles. Spin class or trainer time is simply time, not miles. With that being said, I'm still hoping to hit at least 3k miles this year, which is very realistic, seeing as I will ride over 1k miles between May 1-13. I'm hoping to have at least 500-600 in before heading out east. It will be a nice training base for the Racine 70.3.

I will shoot some pics at the expo and post them here!

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  1. awesome, congrats on joining us day shifters finally! sounds like a fun TT as well.