Saturday, January 30, 2010

2010 Great Lakes Multi Sports Expo.

Yep, it's that time again, already. This is the weekend, the 2010 Great Lakes Multi Sports Expo going on again. I feel like we were just at last year's expo! I managed to get out without buying anything this year-I really did not need anything so badly that I was inspired to make a purchase. So we walked around, checked out the goodies, they advertised about 150 vendors this year. They added a semi trailer set up with potable showers. The endless pool actually had a heater which worked this year (last year, the water was frigid, as the heater element went out). They had the individual and TTT on the Computrainers, which looked cool (but some of the riders said the calibration appeared to feel "off", as they were not getting the speed and times they should have). They had the VO2 testing and treadmill running races this year too.

There were some good deals to be had-one of the custom jersey and race clothing vendors had left over race tops and shorts starting at $3. Another local bike store was offering "buy one-get one free" on clothing, a great deal on Craft, Louis Garneau and other decent brands. The only thing I wanted was a new pair of arm warmers, but I couldn't find a second item I wanted bad enough to justify it today. In fact, the only purchase we made was for my wife-she bought a new bright color running shirt and got a free summer running top. And we got two free bottles of Myoplex, Chocolate Shake flavor, I think. I tried a freebie sample of this last year, and liked the stuff. I might buy some this summer for a recovery drink.

The obligatory pics from the Expo (sorry for the blur and low MP-used the iPhone this year!), good size crowd this year:

One of the Expo speakers, talking about proper nutrition and hydration, the use of HR monitors to become more efficient, this guy knew his stuff!

Sweet Guru, nice subtle graphics here

A very sweet looking Argon TT/Tri bike, love the paint scheme!

A nice stable of rides!

Another hot looking set of wheels!

Speaking of wheels, I was talking with a local bike store rep about the tubeless wheelsets they had on a bike at the expo. These particular rims were Shimano Dura Ace, and he seemed to believe we're going to see a trend in the bike industry going more towards tubeless wheels very soon. He said they are very good quality, they roll and corner nicely, and are not too expensive (though only about three tire manufacturers make tubeless tires as of right now) Interesting, no tube to change in the event of a flat. He said you can squirt a liquid sealer type compound inside the tire, and in the event of a cut tire or serious puncture, the sealer takes over and gets you home. Or you can carry a tube, in the event of a major tire slash, you can tube it up and it will still roll well.

Very cool. And, to think I came out of there without spending anything there today! Good self-control if you ask me.

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  1. wow, i can't believe you went into the expo and didn't spend anything! i would have ridden out of there very poor indeed. especially with all those specialized tt bikes just laying around.