Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Events.

Just a quick post, some of the events and races for 2010 I will be doing. (and I'm trying some new screen capture technology out as well!)

The 2009 Expo was a great event. Many good sales, lots of merchandise and we even ran to test our VO2 max. This year, I might sign up for the 20k Individual TT. Got to decide quickly, it's coming the end of the month!

The 30th running of the Milwaukee Marathon will be my last big race of 2010 (more than likely, maybe...)

The IM Racine 70.3 will probably be my toughest race of the year! Lake Michigan is COLD, even in mid July, so this one will be a real test of my training.

This one is a "possibly will do", the infamous Dairyland Dare!

Here are the details on the 200k ride, brutal!!

Pretty cool looking DD jerseys this year (2009 were an ugly, green color IMO)

And of course, our group will run the Waterford Full Moon 4 Miler, just a blast to run at night!

And, I might run the Racine classic, the Lighthouse Run, which starts in downtown Racine and heads due north to Wind Point and the Lighthouse (hence the race name!), within about three miles of home. This is a nice event, they have shorter runs (5k and 4 miles) up to the 10 mile run.

Oh, and I upgraded cell phones. I went from the broken down POS to the Cadillac of phones:

I've had it about a month now, and I'm LOVING it. I can do most anything from my iPhone that I can do on my mac. I'm looking to see if I can blog from the iPhone and load pics directly, this way, I can update this from New Orleans and while on various other road trips this year!
And, a screen shot of the images saved to desk top to post here. I'm liking this!

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