Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fish dinner and sunglass update.

Quick post to say I cooked some YUMMY fish tacos (OK, they turned into fish tostadas, I didn't have enough tortillas!) last night. They turned out stellar! Great, easy dish to cook, made with some frozen (yeah, not fresh I know) tilapia and home made batter. Light squeeze of lemon did the trick. Served with some Spanish (New Orleans style) rice, topped with a dollop of sour cream and cheese. Check it out, the ingredients:

The pan fry, with extra virgin olive oil:

The results, fish tostadas with Spanish rice!

So dinner turned out great last night. Tonight, got home late from training today (left at 6:45am, back in the drive 5pm), so we went to the Chancery. Had a King Louise wrap and fries, fairly good if not all that healthy.

And, yesterday, I grabbed the mail only to find, what? A large box addressed to me! And here is what I found inside:

My new warranty replacement frames from Tifosi! Excellent, and only $10. They come with a lifetime warranty, and the first pair of frames (my silver ones in my profile pick up above) lasted about two full years. Now here's the deal; I wore those frames day in and day out, for running, riding, at work, and for mowing the grass. They held up great, just the finish had started to wear (showing black underneath). So I got in touch with Tifosi, mailed the old frames back and requested a black pair this time. They emailed me within a few days, let me pick the replacement frame and color for my lenses, and I got the new frame in under two weeks. I am very impressed with the Tifosi brand, both for the quality, warranty replacement and customer service. I will buy another pair one day, and I may not ever wear another brand of shades for workouts and racing.

And no, I'm no shill for Tifosi, and no, I'm not getting freebies from them or getting paid to say they are good glasses (oh, how I wish!). I just have found something made really well, IMO, and I like them, so I thought I'd pass along the review for all.

Here is the new "Ventoux" frame, with the lenses installed:

And on my mug, with the same "High Speed Red" lenses from my old pair:

And here is the pair of Tifosi I was wearing while waiting (there were my wife's, she was going to have RX lenses installed, but later found she couldn't, due to the open frame style on the bottom). Note how small this pair is on my rather "large" head (I believe these are Gavia's, way too small but I made 'em work):

And, in closing, T-minus one work day (well, another training day, not real work being done) until we leave for New Orleans! I've got to pack tomorrow night. I'm hoping to bring my running gear, and get a few runs in along the river walk. I'll be sure to bring the camera and post a bunch of pics early next week.


  1. I'll have to look into the Tifosis. Totally need to find myself a pair of decent sunglasses for running/biking. Mine are about to kick the dust.

  2. Nice dinner! I just had breakfast but now looking at that made me hungry again. I like those Ventoux frames. I've been using Oakley's but interested to know if those lenses are interchangeable. That's what I'd really like to get next since I do a lot of mountain biking and it's somewhat shady/darker, i'd like to have a pair of frames that include yellow and clear lenses. Have fun in N.O. That will be one hell of a party there if the Saints win the SuperBowl this weekend.

  3. Thanks on the dinner! And, going to really enjoy NO, especially after an extra long day at work today!

    And the Tifosi do have interchangeable lenses, these red ones are the Fototecs which darken depending on the amount of sun (see the pics above), they're made specifically for road biking and running (=awesome!). They have everything from clear to yellow, even polarized lenses. I paid $60 too, so prices are good IMO.