Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 Recap

OK. So it's been roughly two months since I posted on blogger. I can contribute it to many reasons (none of which really justify the absence); the holiday season, my first winter working dayshift since the mid 1990s, working many, many 12 hour shifts, the OT, time trades, busy family stuff...Yada Yada...but I've got no good reason other than I have not had a whole lot of race stuff going, nor training material, for that matter, and have not had a great desire to do much posting. I started some 'side projects' during this time too, so I will need a little extra time to give the appropriate attention. Maybe I will post on that later this...decade.

And Christmas was fun, and I must say this: I am fortunate. I have some great family, great in-laws and decent relatives, most who live close. We all have gotten along well, since the years and years it has been since I started going to the family functions. A great bunch, we always talk about my job, but nobody gets pissy, and we talk guns, 'what if's', and fun stuff like that. Good times are always had, no doubt.

But back to the Life list stuff. So, for the winter of 2009, and into 2010, I went about things a bit differently since my 're-born on date' of 3.16.06. I found myself in a position of not having to train so early in the year, to be ready for a ride or event by late April. So I took some time off, almost two weeks, with a few strong, almost interval-esq sessions pitched in that time for good measure. I felt the desire to get out running, or to ride, but simply did not have the time nor the daylight to do it. So, with the new year now upon us, I will start to find the time again. Such as tonight after work. We had to stop at the butcher for meat, pick up kids from my in-laws, where we shot the breeze for a while. Then, home to change and run. It was dark by the time I hit the street, so I tried out my new running coat my mom got me-a very nice Brooks ventilated in the back, high visibility lines with black and yellow, and all. I ran a quick 2.9 miles, had to cut it short for dinner, but still, not running much lately, I managed a 8:16 pace and was not killing myself. So, I feel good on my fitness level, better in fact, than at this time last winter. I emailed my IM-Racine 70.3 challenge buddies a few weeks back, and told them, my goal for my Spring 2010 runs was to get down to a 8:00/mile pace for 5 miles, which I've almost done just prior to the holidays. So now it's time. Time to start training a bit more, getting ready for the season goals, which, I will list here as well.

But back to the 2009 season totals, here they are:

65 rides
142 hrs 49 min 34 sec
1,948.03 miles (1,040+ miles done in May, over 11 days)
97,710 kcalories
hear rate-142 avg/180 max

79 runs
468.83 miles
45,139 kcalories
2-pair shoes
not sure how much time ??

As of right now, I can definitively say I have THREE main goals for 2010, yes THREE, that is all for now:

1) Run Wisconsin Marathon, May 1st. Run it faster than I ran the 2009 Milwaukee Marathon (so a sub 4 hour run).

2) Race the Ironman Racine 70.3, July 19th. Finish in about 5 hours (gulp).

3) Run the 30th running of the Milwaukee Marathon, Oct 3rd. Run it faster than the 'other' marathons.

So that's it. I will probably do a few other short races, maybe a couple sprint distance tri's, a few other 5k runs, and the staples, like the Full Moon 4 Miler, maybe the Racine Lighthouse Run again, probably will run the Mt Pleasant 1/2 Mary for training too. But, I don't need to 'start' my training until Feb 1st for the Wisconsin Mary. And this will be a good thing, as my training will start almost a full month sooner for the long distance runs than I did in 2009. Case in point; I started training for Milwaukee Marathon in late August, giving me two months training. In 2010, I will have the full three months training to gear up, and hopefully to get faster, plus now I have some valuable endurance race experience to go on as well. I had to juggle decisions to run Milwaukee again, or go to Chicago for their Marathon, but I think I would prefer Milwaukee, it was a first rate event all around. I'm still up in the air on the Chicago 1/2 Mary Rock N Roll, it looks like fun, but it might conflict with the Full Moon, which I will NOT miss!

I'm going to mix in some more bike sessions in January, before I revert back to the full out run training I need to do to get in to be where I want for WI Mary. We've also planned our vacation itinerary for 2010, which is, in brief:

1) New Orleans LA in early February, about 4 days or so for our anniversary (no kids).
2) Colorado in late June for 7-10 days. The big family vac for 2010.
3) Florida (or maybe Texas, outside chance) in November, right before Thanksgiving.

So, no long bike trips for 2010. I might try to rent a bike out in Colorado, family permitting me of course, and try to ride up a mountain. We'll see on this might be my own personal L'etape de Tour state side...

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  1. awesome! i wish i could make it up there for ironman racine 70.3 with you. that's going to be a blast.

    i am also keeping all of my races local this year and not travelling anywhere. again. i wish i could go somewhere this year. anywhere.