Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1st bike ride of 2010

So, I got out today for my 1st road ride of the new year. I braved some cold, it was about 32 degrees but the sun warmed me up. There was very little wind, so I went for a quick ride around Wind Point. Here are the ride stats:

This is a good start to the year; in 2009, the weather was so bad, I wasn't able to get my bikes out until February. Today, I took my gloves off near the end of the ride, as I was too hot. Here's the Giant propped up in the snow:

I got a salty taste on my water bottle during the ride-that's one thing about living in Wisconsin, they salt the heck out of the roads. I can't wait for the Spring rains to wash the roads clean again.

I was also able to get my youngest out on her bike today-she had been bugging me for days to get her bike down and let her ride!

Nice and bundled up!

So the 1st ride on the road is in for 2010! My buddy and I, we have differing views on counting miles on the bike (or for running too). I don't count trainer miles-I simply log the time, but do not add the "distance" to my yearly totals. Never have. Never will. Am I right? Is he right? Who knows, and really, it doesn't matter all that much, IMO! To each their own, I say. But, when you read the miles totals in my blog, or on my stat keeping sites, they are ALL 100% road miles biked or run. So, with today's ride, I have a total of 8,919 miles since 3.16.06. Check out my bikejournal.com page, here:

I will add another 2010 goal right now: I need approximately 181 road miles to hit 9,000 miles. I want 10,000 by the end of this year. 9k, I'd like by mid March, which I think I can do. That's all for now!


  1. i count trainer time by miles too at my avg speed of 20 mph. usually the digits say it's longer than that, but most road rides end up being a little slower than that thx to traffic. so i have to go with a target average.

    i might be lucky and brave enough to actually get a bike on the road outside once every other month? so trainer time or stationary bike is the vast majority of my training anyway. it gets boring but it's what i have to do i guess.

  2. I took advantage of some warmer temps on Saturday too, and got my tri bike out on the road for the first time! It was very exciting! :)

  3. Haven't ventured out on my bike yet this year. Too much ice and snow on the roads yet.

    Nice job on the bike!