Monday, January 18, 2010


The entire family had off today (I'm off for four days straight, WOO HOO!), on a Monday, so we got up late, lounged around and went sledding finally towards noon. It was beautiful out today, highs of mid to upper 30s, no wind and sunny. It actually got too warm!! Here are a few pics, from Wind Point right near our place:

The snow has actually melted quite a bit, so much so there are big spaces of grass showing through! And the hills really melted, leaving us only a few good spots to pick from to zip down. Here Beck and Maddie get going down.

Coming back up over and over, it gets tiring!

Abbey, hamming it up on the tube!

Beck went down more than I did!

And the result is some tired kids! Ab fell asleep on the couch while we were watching "Field of Dreams". Nice day for a nap! Beck and Madd went shopping for a new dress, as the Father/Daughter dance is this Friday.

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  1. you know one day my girls will get to go sledding too. we don't get that kind of snow down here. looks like a great day with the family!