Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Pub Crawl (or ride)...

Yeah, pub crawl 2010 is history. I got out really late, like 9:30PM. ZZZ got home really really late, like 3:3AM!

The bars were PACKED! Parking was a mess, but I know the parking situation in downtown Racine, so I found a spot within a block of the bar I was meeting at, Ivanhoe. Afte rall, I lived here most of my life...

It's a fun bar, a little on the small side, but pretty much where we hang out the few times we go for beers when in town. One of us cutting the rug, at George's, after we rode THE BUS (thanks Stacey, after you read this)!!

Back at Ivanhoe, lots of beads were getting tossed around. I got hit in the head with lots o' beads, big ole' beads. And we found this girl, wearing the platex boobs...she was weird...
Kinda gross, but still funny!!

Me and Steve Klein, friend from high school, funny face Steve O'. Steve is a former triathlete, finisher of two 70.3 events. Divorced because of his obsessive/compulsive training style. Of course, I made him SWEAR he would race Racine IM 70.3 this year!! He still has his TT bike, so you know he wants to race again (and yes, I told his girlfriend, he would need training time to race, so just get used to it!). So, maybe, I've sucked another in to the IM quagmire! (side bar, a younger co-worker said to me today, he signed up for IM Racine, he only has a mountain bike! I told him...holy SHIT, it is a not so easy bike course!! Another co-worker said he plans on doing IM Racine with his MTB, running slicks. I said HOLY SHIT again...TBC...)

Steve an I:
Me and T, laughing about our "Smart" phones, and how much we were on them during the night! T an I have been buds since the 4th grade!!
Some of the good looking ladies out with us! Whats up Barb and Stacey??!?
Was I getting pinched here or what (maybe)??? That's what someone said on FB 'bout this pic!

A fun night! Took the bus, hit four different bars. Lot of beads! Ran in one of my ex's, really the only ex I still am friendly with, out all of my ex's, as far back as I can recall. My fault, I'm sure, due to my personal shortcomings and personality hardships I had when young(er). I told her so much...but she is pretty cool, we still are able to talk, and relate to each other, I guess. Plus, she is running her first 1/2 marathon this Spring, and she is still pretty damn HOT!) We hung out with her, had a beer, talked at length. We were in the middle of a pretty cool conversation, when....

My friend Stac came in, told me she lost her car keys, far far from home (how did this happen again!!?? NICE Stacey!), so we got home really, really late. Keys found late the next day, after Triple AAA and a hefty bill. I got my butt chewed out real GOOD by the wife, and I had a headache in the AM. But again, it was a fun night!! And, as we said that night, WHATEVER!!! ( had to be there)...

Next up: bike parts, soon, to be delivered, from PBK. Also, I'm hoping to p/u an Ultegra crankset from a guy in Milwaukee tomorrow for the TT bike, while on lunch during training (supervisor stuff the whole week!). Sweet!!!

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  1. funny brian, i've never found girls boobs to be gross, even if they are fake. glad you had fun!