Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Trip report, time for a trip report! So we flew back in from New Orleans Monday night, just in time for the 30+ hour snowstorm all day Tuesday and into this AM, which dumped 12-14" of snow. The vac was fun, a bit cooler than we'd like, mid 50s, but still about 30 degrees F warmer than Wisconsin has been. Oh, tonight we'll hit zero for the overnight low. Typical-big snowstorm, then sub zero temps.

We flew in Thursday afternoon, amid a pouring rain. After being picked up at the airport by Beck's Aunt Lisa, we drove to the French Quarter, where we spent the entire trip (well, technically we did set foot into the CBD, or Central Business District, for breakfast one morning-but only a few blocks out of the Quarter). Thus was kind of cool, normally we have to fly around, hitting the Garden District, or cross Lake Ponchartrain to go to our relatives' house, so it was nice to spend the entire trip getting more familiar with the FQ.

We got to our relatives' condo, and did a quick unpack before heading for dinner at Felipe's for some mexican, right down the street. Here is the condo:

Very cool, hundred plus year old floors and brick, but all modern amenities!

WARNING: many, many pics follow. Be prepared to feel like you were there (all are G rated, sorry!) None were edited, no time for that yet! Here we go!

We kicked back the rest of the night after dinner, and we hit the Quarter in full force on Friday! I opted to bring only my point and shoot digital, to save on space. I took about 400 pics, and a few dozen videos. I lost my camera case and spare 4 GB SD card (while drunk, on Bourbon St). Lucky I took out the charger and left it behind!
A pictoral journey begins...

Artists all over at Jackson Square:

A band playing at Cafe du Monde:

Central Grocery, home of the best Muffaletta I've ever had!

Colorful houses and decor everywhere!

A local artist at work, near Jackson Square:

I love some of the NO architecture, the houses from the 1800s, superb woodwork, brick, wrought iron fences. Here is a house on Esplanade Av near Bourbon Street:
Stopping at Mary Laveau's House of Voodoo:

Awesome balconies!

Street performers abound, this guy I remember from 2004, still at it!

Bikes, bikes, everywhere! More for function than form in NO:

Check out this fixie flip-flop rear hub, holy sprocket Batman!

And look at this dude!

We walked about 1/2 of the entire Quarter by a bit after noon. Then, we wound up at the Funky Pirate on Bourbon St, where "Happy Hour" runs from noon to 8pm. And they serve "3 for 1's" during Happy "Hour". Great. We made it no further than this for quite some time:

At least there was a parade that came by, 'cause we weren't walking anywhere by this point! This was the "Wine Parade", or so I'm told...

So we wound up at some small jazz/blues club way down on Bourbon, listened to a cool band for awhile, and wound up drinking this, Irish Coffee:

And this, self explanatory:

The next day, Beck's Aunt and Uncle came back in to meet us. We hit the bricks again, and look who I spotted!

This is "Grandpa", the same guy who sang to my oldest daughter back in '04. So he survived Katrina and looks to be doing well-I was told he works as part of a musicians sort of "co-op" that was funded by Harry Connick Jr and others from NO.

From the river walk, along the great Mississippi River:

An impromptu parade, part of the "Who Dat" nation! They shut the road down, and cheered on the NO Saints! Here comes the marching band!

On to Sunday, and Mother's for breakfast. Go here if you get to NO, really.


This was a seriously good breakfast! Worth the 20+ minute wait outside, in the cold. Waffles, omelette with black ham, grits, fresh made biscuits, hash browns, and a bloody Mary and beer. All old fashion counter order style. Oh, yeah, the cafe au lait was to DIE for, it was that good! (better than Cafe du Monde...)
On to the dog parade, or "Krewe of Barkus", named after a much larger, more famous "Bacchus" parade in NO. This shows the crowds gathering, near the cathedral on Chartes and St Ann:

And one cool dog, chillin' on the street for pics, sweet hey!?!

And Harry's, where we stopped for many a refill:

Ron, Lisa and Beck:

I liked this dude, playing away and singing like nobody's business. I like the Blue Dog (Rodrigue) in the back...

At Barkus parade:

And, of course, I have to mention the Super Bowl victory for the Saints! Here are a few post game pics:

The images cannot do the night justice. It was unreal, people as far as you could see, in every direction. There were fireworks. There were guys doing brake stands on their motorcycles, with the police standing there watching. There were people jumping on the back of garbage trucks and cars, riding around on back. During the game, when the NO Saints scored or had a big play, you could hear the crowds cheering from all over, blocks and blocks in each direction. It was unreal.

The aftermath? A beautiful, quite morning, very few people out and about. We got up early and went for breakfast at a little hole in the wall diner, Cafe Fleur de Lis, not far from where I shot this:

A beautiful Monday morning in NO. A perfect way to end the trip!

So many more pics, and stories. But, it's getting late. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Thanks for sharing all of those pictures. How fun! I love the doggie parade pictures. So cute.
    And the huge ass beer, that's classic!

  2. dude. burbon st and no boobie pics!!!???!?!?! come on man, you're killing me here.

    glad you had a fun trip. i really enjoyed NOLA when we went in 03. and i remember drinking plenty of those big ass beers.

  3. Haha, laughing at Carolina John. Looks like an amazing trip, it's one place I'd love to visit! I can only imagine how surreal it must have been there during the Saints win!