Friday, February 6, 2009

Time to hit the road!

Well, I think it will be warm (and safe) enough for me to finally get out on the road, the first road ride of 2009! This marks a late start for actual road time, not just trainer time, compared to 2008. It's still pretty cold, about 21 degrees, but there is no wind and it's sunny. So, I'll wait a bit and gear up, and head on out. I'll have to check the road conditions to see how far I'll ride; there was some blowing and drifting snow out towards Interstate 94 last time I drove in from work. That would be bad, especially on 700X23s.

I got the new Contis mounted to the Aksiums yesterday, man, those tires are tight! I did not have to resort to using levers but I've got some blood blisters on my palms from twisting them to get them seated.

Here they are!

Some close up details of the tire

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  1. Dude, it's supposed to be 68 deg here sunday and sunny. I'm dying to get in about 30 or 40 miles on the bike, but have to weigh that against my current marathon taper. Good luck on your ride.