Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day spin and some wine.

So Happy Turkey Day blogging world. I've got some extra time tonight, the kids are in bed after a big dinner during the day at my in-laws. We came home, full and tired, but we managed to watch Jungle Book without falling asleep! My wife is still at work (pulling a 12 hour holiday shift, this really sucks) and I am tired of watching the Man vs. Food marathon on Travel Channel.

I do love watching Adam Richman eat, he is so hungry, so passionate about what he does. I wonder if he ever gets sick of eating like a pig? And, I'd like to see if he has a workout program and personal trainer. Take a look at some of the older episodes sometime-you can call me crazy, but I swear if you see him at different times in the show's history, he looks like his weight fluctuates. Of course, it's tough to tell what show is what in the timeline. OK, I just looked him up on Travel Channel, he has a Master's from Yale University in Drama and still works in theater productions. Cool. But I'm still wondering how he can eat like that and not blow up like a freakin' Macy's Parade ballon? This show has been on since 2008, FYI.

I kind of answered my own question, to a certain degree-you've got to love the interweb. I checked on Adam's Bio on a website for his show. He is about 3 years younger than myself, so his metabolism is probably still a bit faster. It says he exercises daily-if time allows-and his Dr's check his blood levels for all the usual suspects regularly. It does not say if he has a trainer or what type of exercise he likes to do (or he is forced to do). I posted a comment on the site, telling him I love the show, and asking what type of fitness plan or personal trainer he has to get him on by. I will post up if they (or he) responds.

Back to Turkey Day. I managed to get in a 40 minute trainer spin this AM, before heading to feast. I was busy getting a bunch of house stuff done (you know, dishes, breakfast for the kids, clean up, typical Ironman stuff), so I didn't realize I had not eaten a thing all morning (2 cups of Alterra coffee don't count IMO). I was getting ready to jump on the trainer, so I slugged down one of these:
And the spin commenced. I felt better today than the other day I rode. The legs felt like they had a bit more power, I spun at about 90 rpm and a bit faster speed was maintained. The HR was kept low, I only hit about 135 bpm according to the Polar. A nice easy spin, no hammer time (pun intended). My shoulders are a bit sore tonight. I still need to tweak the TT positioning, move the aero bars lower, position the seat forward a few CMs, maybe raise the seat a very small bit. This tweaking is necessary because I loaned my TT bike to a race bud for our group ride, and he installed his saddle (an ISM Adamo) instead of using my Fizik Tri Arione. I kind of tossed my saddle back on, and had not given it much thought since.

Speaking of Hammer products and nutrition, I have been completely satisfied with all of the Hammer brand nutrition I have used in 2010 for training and racing. And I've used a bunch to get me by, including:

Hammer gels (a bunch of flavors)
Hammer Heed Sport Drink (powder)
Hammer Perpetuem (powder only, so far)
Hammer Endurolyte caps
Hammer bars
Hammer Recoverite powder

I have never had any gastrointestinal issues with the Hammer supps and fuel. Not once, never. And, the online guide and quantified research/data they provide makes planning my nutrition a bit easier, especially for longer events and in challenging conditions, like summer heat. I'm looking forward to getting to the 2011 season and into some of the longer runs and rides, so I can further test, tweak and adjust my nutrition for IMoo, and even for IM Racine. These are going to be my A Races for 2011, so I need to make sure I get nutrition nailed down 100% before then. This will remove one more variable in my IM equation, and hopefully will help me enjoy both of the races a little.

I cannot wait to try the Perp solids that Hammer released late this year-this will make the on bike nutrition much easier. Instead of mixing up 8 scoops of powder Perp in a bike bottle, and having to slug it down (I didn't say it all tasted great after 3+ hours of racing, I just said it didn't make me sick), I will be able to carry the solids and eat those instead. This should help in two ways: one, there will be less weight to carry on the bike, as I don't have to mix a large 24 ounce bottle for fuel. Two, the solid should be easier to consume. This will have to be marked "TBD" until I test my theory out in the spring. Once training begins in earnest, I plan on logging my ride and run nutrition, and I will post it up as well, as I begin to figure out what to use over 12+ hours of racing.

And finally, on to today's wine. A little disclaimer-I am by no means a wine expert and I do not know a great deal about wine. That said, I like wine and have been trying different brands and different types of wine. So my advice is this-TIFWIW! 

We uncorked a few bottles of wine and tasted some solid, budget priced offerings. The first we had was a bottle of Malbec my father-in-law had opened prior to my arrival. I didn't even get the name of it, but it was good, not as dry as some of the Malbecs I've had. It was an Argentinian Malbec, I believe. 

But the real winning selection was the 2 bottles my mom and I brought.  Both were from Chateau Ste. Michelle, a Washington state vineyard (and one of my favorite brands to date!) with excellent priced wines.

The first was a 2009 Columbia Valley Chardonnnay, on sale for $7.99. One of my "go to" wines when bringing a bottle to a friend's or just to keep on hand, it has a clean, smooth taste, slightly fruity but not sweet. Highly recommended!

Next, a bottle of 2009 bottle of Chateau Gewurtztraminer was opened, this was the first time I've tried this grape. And, this wine was rated 88 points (on the 2008 vintage) by Wine Spectator, BTW. Again, a sub $10 bottle.  Cheap-right in my poor azz, post IM race fee paying price range. This was similar to a Riesling, quite sweet, some citrusy flavor, with a bit more of an aftertaste. Pleasant and drinkable, yes, but a bit too sweet for myself. I have had Rieslings that were not so sweet, which I enjoyed more than this one. One glass was OK, but I would not drink 2 or 3 glasses in one sitting. That's all I got for ya, that is about as sophisticated of wine review you will get from me.

And, last thing. I kept the eating in check. Two cups of coffee, one Hammer gel, one plate of food. OK, I admit I had a piece of pumpkin and chocolate pie, and some wine. Not too bad, it was no Man Vs. Food blowout. I give myself a B- overall.

Happy Thanksgiving bloggers!

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