Thursday, August 20, 2009

60 Posts.

Wow, 60 posts already since the start of 2009 (or so, maybe it was Dec '08). Well, actually it's 61, counting this one. But close enough for govt' work. And to think I almost gave up my blog, just about threw in the towel at one point this summer. AND, to think, everyone is in bed while I type this tonight. Kiddies are fast asleep, wifey went to bed at 7:30. So its just me tonight, and I don't feel like watching TV. So lets BLOG while I jam the iTunes DJ for a cool mix.

Anyway, I was looking over some training records #s on, where I track my running stats and info. I ran a 10k last night after work, and put in a time of 53:09 and a reported pace of 8:01/mile. Tonight I ran the same route, and did a 54:15 and a 8:34/mile pace, the legs were just a bit fried today. Yesterday's run was great, I was feeling the energy from somewhere let me tell ya! There was a guy running in front of me, probably 1/4 mile out or more when I first saw him. I gradually gained on him, and right near my self imposed turn around point, I was nearing him. I know I could've easily caught him before the parking lot around the corner, but this would throw my 10k run up to a 7.5+ mile run. I actually passed my turn around point a bit, before my better side of my pysche and common sense caught up and said, "You'll hate that you did this. Don't do it, just stick with the 10k plan".

Now, when I'm biking, I will be rolling along at 18 or 19 mph and be at a comfortable HR, not pushing it or trying to make the whole ride a, "Hang onto the seat by your bike tights interval". But then, sometimes, I see a rider up ahead, and something just clicks in me. I just have to try and catch them. So I will push it into the red, and hammer down until I catch and pass them, they turn off before I can, or I simply blow up because they are stronger than me. Oh, I make sure I say 'HI' as I pass them too. I say 'HI' to all the riders I pass, either coming or going, doesn't matter if they're riding a $10,000 full out custom Parlee or a $50 hybrid from Kmart, I just think biking is just the type of sport where everyone should wave, yell 'HI' or hi-five when going past a fellow rider. We are like one big band of brothers and sisters out there, we understand the riding thing, the wild drive that pushes us to mount up and ride in the rain or snow, or in 32 mph headwinds. It's just that kind of sport, and I like that about the sport of bicycling. Not everyone will agree with me, but hey, it's IMO anyway!

Running, however, is a bit different. I am not a great runner, not an efficient runner. Chasing someone down while running is not an option, not at this point in my training. Nope. I just feel like I'm starting to get a grip on my running, more comfortable and focused. My HR has been gradually coming down, even on longer runs, which used to stress me into the near red (or full blown red); the past two days of 10k runs have seen my average HR come in at 156 and 154 bpm, respectively. My weight has remained consistent which, I must say is a bit disappointing. But I've cut way back on the night treats and sweets, and I feel better, like I've got more energy even after blowing my legs up on a 10k. I think the 6 a weeks are paying off-Sunday will mark the 6 weeks to go point to 'Mary Day' as my kids call it! My running stats for July/Aug are like this:

July runs: 29.75 miles
August runs: 72.4 miles (as of today)

My SuperNova Glides have just over 60 miles on them already, and they feel really good now. I don't think my shoes will be an issue for a long run. I'm going to put that one to the test this weekend, here is an exert from an email I sent to a few buddies:

So, Sat AM I'm going to try a 12-14 mile run, I will probably park the car at Wind Point and use that as a refuel/rehydrate point and do 2-3 loops. So between Sept 18-25th, my goal is to do a 20 miler, at or near marathon pace, which needs to be about 9:05. The week starting Sept 27th will be the taper week, a few 5k or 4 milers and easy paces.

So now, I need to start working on my iPod play list! I'm going to need about 4.5 hrs of music, yikes, that will be a tough one!

I'm starting to think a 4 hr Mary is a possibility.... positive thoughts ... positive karma ... yeah just keep telling myself that!

The iPod play list will be a challenge, really it will. I mean, try to come up with 4.5 hours of music that will keep you motivated, make you dig deep, make you think about your life, about why you run, about why you are running 26.2. I mean, I don't know about other people, but for me, the running music is a very personal thing, a very real part of my run and I cannot simply push shuffle and go; I simply cannot use the beat box muzak pieces that are out there for runners, to keep your pace at a certain bpm. To me, the songs are about the run, they are about my life, they make me dig deep. They make me think back to how I was before I began running and biking, before I hurt my back, things at work that have gone 'sideways' over the years (I like that, sideways! you know it's bad if it went 'sideways'!), old relationship(s) (one in particular, after running into her by sheer chance after like 14 years, and not really being ready for it), old friends, people I wish would have kept in touch with me or me with them. I think about how the music applies to my life, how does it motivate me, how does it get me angry to run for that PR?

I mean, doesn't every runner have an 'angry' run list? I have one, at least, not all angry but with some 'angry music' plugged in (yeah, it's like the sideways thing, I'm coming up with my own vocab here). I've been juggling my playlists, since I've been running so much more in the past 3 or 4 weeks. And when I say 'angry music', maybe I should clarify a bit. I am pretty sure everyone's opinion of what is hard, angry music will differ. For me, the Offspring are one of my favorites, even though I believe they are classified as 'alternative'. Man, I had to stop and shift to my iTunes, now Offspring are playing, quite loudly I might add, for everyone being in bed and out like lights! Yeah, and I'm making side trips to FB to update stuff there, I'm quite the multi-tasker tonight, FB is bumping tonight, not just me thats bored apparently! I've got about 7 tabs open

Back to the music-I mostly mix it up fairly well. I've got Pearl Jam, Jackson Browne, Counting Crows, The Fray, Augustana, Chris Cornell/Soundgarden, ColdPlay, U2, REM, Red Jumpsuit Apperatus, 30 Seconds to Mars and everything in between on the lists, even some softer, non traditional running songs. I even have a Beatles run list, it is a blast running to 'Eleanor Rigby' strings only and LSD, it is a nice break from all the new stuff once in awhile! What I might do is put the entire compilation of my 'Milwaukee Marathon' song choices on here, when I get it started. I've named the playlist in my folder, just gave to fill her up.

Well, back to the running thing. I was looking at the map of the route listed in mapmyride, and realized that I mapped it out all the way to the lighthouse. I have done this in the past, but I now turn around at the road, cutting the run down to an effective 6.33 mile run, instead of the 6.61 mile listed. Yeah I know 3/10s of a mile, whats the big deal. But still, I want accuracy in training for Milwaukee Marathon.

So the map thing was corrected. Now, I need to map another loop, using the Wind Point lighthouse (yeah, we've got a lighthouse in Racine WI, hard to believe I know) parking lot as a start/finish point. It is nice scenery running around the point, we used to race around it (my buddy lost his for one night's offenses) and at night, we'd park in the lot on dates to, uhmm, watch the moon over the lake! WHOO HOO, the glorious days of youth!

Well, I will update on my long run for Saturday, and hope my legs are holding out as well as they have been so far! For now, I'm thinking some reward snack is in order, maybe a little kettle corn and net surfing till I fall asleep at the mac. Cheers!

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  1. i like to set the music up with beats that can match my cadence or vice versa. kanye west is actually my favorite to run to, he keeps me at about an 8:30 pace.