Saturday, April 18, 2009

10 days to go.

Thats until I leave for Charleston SC, with a quick stop in VA for some visiting, food and gathering of gear.

Lots going on since last post, Dennis and I shot some pics, here's one:

We got a 2nd Long Ride patch one of the guys had made up, here it is:

Let's see, Dennis and I had our fundraiser last night, decent turn out, slightly less attending than we hoped, but we still raised over $800 in 5 hours, so not bad.

I picked up my bike box from the LBS today, it's a Trek Equinox TTX 9.x, has straps in it, padding, foam, etc. It should do nicely, I'll be shipping the Giant out in the next few days, after I clean her up. Tires and rims are holding up well, I also bought new gel padding and bar tape today, I will install tomorrow. Also picked up a new jar of Assos cream, I like this better than the Paceline Products Chamois Lube I had been using. No irritation, saddle sores or skin rash since using the Assos.

I also got sick earlier this month (head cold); now, I got a sore throat a few days ago, culminating in a screaming raw throat last night at the fundraiser, with loss of voice. I could not even swallow this AM, so instead of doing my 5 hour ride I had planned in the 70 degree sunny morning, I went to Urgent Care for meds. Five days of antibiotics and prednisone should do the trick. I feel good otherwise, just sinus pressure and throat issues. I feel I could ride, just don't want to push my luck this close to crunch time.

I rode yesterday before the fundraiser, did my 17.5 mile out and back in 58 min flat, best time this year, averaged 18mph, stronger crosswinds the entire ride so I can't be too sick! Physically (and mentally), I feel ready for the long ride; I changed out saddles on the Giant, opting for my fizik Arionne instead of my Aliante, which I think broke in the middle-support is just gone and it flexes badly.

I'm ordering one new pair of bibs for the trip, either Pearl's Ultrasensor or Assos, if I can find a sale on them (wifey gave me the green light of purchase power tonight)! That will give me three "good pair" of bibs (1-Pearl's and 1-Assos as of now), so I can have a clean pair each day. I also need one or two summer base layer tees, a dew rag and I might order a new headset for the Giant yet. I would have to install it once on the east coast, so we'll see, it might wait.

I'll be making my (packing) list and checking it twice (tomorrow), making sure I'm not naughty and leaving essential gear at home. I'm getting pumped for the ride, 2 weeks on the road, riding 11 days, this will be a life time ride for sure, can't wait.

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  1. good luck brian! you're going to be on south carolina time before you know it.

    is there a ride route online anywhere? i would love to see how you're riding. some parts of the mountains are considerably worse than others. and if you're coming anywhere near me i'd love to meet you or cheer or something.