Friday, March 27, 2009

I got our ride patch!

Today. I got our long ride FLETC to Washington DC patch(es)! One of the organizers actually sent us all four of the patches for our jerseys, coats and/or jackets. They are pretty sweet! Check 'em out:

Going to look good on our PUT kit:

I got another decent ride in on Thur, the weather was actually much nicer than Wed! It got up to 50 deg and little winds, with a tail wind on the way back in.

1hr 53m 22s
32.5 miles
17.2 mph avg/28.3 mph max
1,494 kcals
HR 144 avg/167 max
cad 88 avg/106 max

My ride #s were very similar to Wed's ride of 40 miles. So 72.5 miles in 2 days at the same avg speed, and I'm happy with that. Today was my first of four back at work, I'm shot tonight, got so tired I fell asleep on the couch during our family movie night. A day or two off, then I'll get back at it.

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