Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Running after....

a night out drinking is not so much fun! It was a blast out with the guys last night, but I could not keep that pace up every night anymore. Man, those pitchers of Guinness, Blue Moon and Bell's White Ale were GOOD. The bartender even set us up with some free Jamison Irish whiskey; first time I've had it (or had any hard liquor in a long while, for that matter). Good stuff, no super bad bite afterwards or going down.

Sometimes I feel like my workout is actually better after doing harm to my liver the night before. Woke up with a screaming headache today, otherwise felt almost human. So I ran a 10k to the lighthouse (actually a 6.61 mile run, a bit over 10k, but whose counting?), 56:43. Not a bad time for this time of year, base building time with slower paces both running and on the bike.

So I made a new play list for the iPod for this run, here it is:

1) The Cars...You Might Think
2) Don Henley...The Boys of Summer
3) David Cook...Time of my Life
4) Offspring...Gone Away
5) Offspring...You're Gonna Go Far Kid
6) Counting Crows...Einstein on the Beach
7) Counting Crows...Rain King
8) Duran Duran...Come Undone
9) Duran Duran...A View to a Kill
10) Duran Duran...Ordinary World
11) Duran Duran...Wild Boys
12) Jackson Browne...Sky Black and Blue
13) James Taylor...Fire and Rain
14) Eagles...The Last Resort

The total play time was right at one hour, so it was good the music lasted as I did my cool down jog and walk. Quite the eclectic mix of tunes, hey? I've got to mix up my running playlists often, I can't listen to the same 10 songs over and over. I think right now, I've got 7 or 8 different playlists on my small iPod. I tried to add a few more new songs, but it was full. Time to do some iPod cleansing, make way for the new tunes man!

It was about 33 degrees, partly sunny, with a light W/SW wind. Nice running weather, roads were clear of ice and slippery crap. More snow allegedly on the way right now, supposed to be around 1-2 inches tonight. We'll see how slick the roads get for tomorrow, it might be a bike trainer (read: drainer) day!

Posted some new pics at Flickr, some from a few races I did this past summer. The Waterford Full Moon 4 Miler was a blast, as was the Pleasant Prairie Duathlon. It got hot the day of the dua, and I don't think my quads/hamstrings have every hurt so bad after that post race. One of these days, I will set up a link to the 2009 race calendar.

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