Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's 1:04 am, do you know where...

I am having that black & tan now, mmm, good stuff. I am really appreciating Guinness again recently. I was just sitting here at the mac thinking about riding again tomorrow, my legs are sore right now, partially from running at work last night (most of you do not have to chase people at your job, I do occasionally, sometimes through snow and slush and over fences) and some from my trainer ride today. It actually feels good to start some "interval" or harder effort sessions; not really a true interval like I would do on the road rides, say in another 2 months or so, after getting more base miles in. But, all the same, it was a good effort today on the KK trainer, in the kitchen, doing some hill drills after a 30 minute warm up. One minute on in a big gear, four minutes off, then repeat. Two minute big gear to finish it up, then cool down.

I was thinking about my long ride coming in May '09, where I will head out (on May 1st) for some 1,000 miles over 11 days. A group of about 20 (or so) riders will be starting in Charleston, SC and we will end up in Washington DC on May 12th. I have heard that the longest days' ride will be about 115 miles, and we will average about 98 miles each day for the first 8 days. Then, a rest day on May 9th in Norfolk, VA. May 10th will see us riding a mostly flat century, with some hilly days following on the 11th and 12th. I am really looking forward to this year's ride!

I've also been thinking about what bike I will be taking with me. Last year, I tool the Trek 1500 and she performed flawlessly. 2007, I took the Giant TCR, and of course, that's my bomb, my A game bike, so she was grand. I am leaning towards taking the 1500 again; of course, I am also leaning towards having her stripped and powder coated, but more on that later! She needs some new cables and digs anyways, 3,500+ miles on 'em, plus the brake pads are shot from last years rain rides. And if I do take her, I will NOT be riding the Bonty wheels again, I want to build my own set of hoops or I'll take the Mavics (again, this is another post or three, for another day!). FWIW, the 1500 is my "older" bike, the E7 is my TT/Tri bike, and the Giant you see in the top at the river is my numero uno bike (so far. I would like to get a Cervelo or something else super high end one day, but...)

I was also admiring my new (to me, at least!) saddle I got from Jay in MA, a shout out to him for the great deal on the Fizik Arione Tri black saddle, which will eventually wind up on this here bike:

For the time, the seat is on the Trek, which is so affectionately hooked to the KK trainer in my kitchen, only about 20' away from me as I type this! I love this new saddle, I mean, LOVE, capital letters and all. I love it so much, that I have vowed that all my bikes will be so equipped with the Fizik Arione saddles. Did I say I LOVE the new (to me) saddle??

       Here is a better view:

Yep, love it. Lovin' it! Much better that the Bonty stock saddle, which is junk.

I will post the itinerary of my long ride in the next few posts, maybe.

In the mean time, if you want a little more insight in the long ride in May '09, go to for some more info.

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