Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Race Gear.

Ok, the FedEx guy came this AM, and brought me a nice little box. What was in there???

My new Zoot Fuzion wetsuit! It's finally here, from TriSports.com. I tried it on, whoop whoop, it fits too (although, it was a bit steamy on this 80 degree day!). I will admit, I was a little nervous about buying a wetsuit without trying several on. The sizing chart seems to be dead on from the website (thankfully). This particular model was on sale and had the best matched size for my frame and height. I did not have a Tri specific suit before this, only more scuba wetsuits from back in the jet ski days. I really did not want to swim 1.2 miles in one of those suits. So I liquidated some old bike parts (and got an advance on my birthday present) and here we are. Oh, the old scuba suits have since sold too, so there is some more money for the bike/racing account...

Also, check these out!

Not from Trisports, but from a local retailer, I was surprised to actually see them on the shelf (this was the last tinted pair, lucky me). I've seen a bunch of good write ups on these goggles, and liked them the second I tried them on. Great fit around my nose and eyes, super wide angle of view, nice dark tint lens, quick adjust straps and a decent price. Bingo, we have a winner! I'm heading to the pool tomorrow AM before work for a short swim, and will give them a try-I'm sure I will like them better than the dinky pair I have now.

Ok-I have some Body Glide, now I just need to pick up some Suit Juice from the scuba shop. Almost ready for race day. A trip to the grocery store by the end of the week is in order, I need to pick up a few things for my T1/T2 menu.

Also-I need to update my training #s for July. I got my last run in today-in the mid day heat again (mid 80s and sunny). Here are the #s:

A decent pace for the heat of the day, I didn't really push it much, just ran a nice easy pace and focused on keeping the HR in check.

Stay tuned for more updated on IM Racine 70.3 week. I will post some pics from our OWS on Thursday afternoon, then Friday from the IM expo!

Only 4 days to go!

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