Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm doing my part...

To stimulate the economy, that is.

Made a stop at Allis Bike today, in West Allis (hence the name!) and bought some new cables, a new SRAM PC-1070 Powerchain (with hollow pins. weighing in at 265 gr), and talked with one of the guys awhile. I'm starting to like this shop more and more, they seem decent and straightforward, knowledgeable and they have some hard to get parts (like my FD hanger, this was the only place around to have it in stock). The guy said he swears by SRAM stuff, which, I have heard a lot of good things about; he checked my cable housings, said they're fine, and said you really don't ned to replace cables, or the housing for that matter, as much as everyone says you do. He said they last and you will have poor shifting, or braking, if they stretch way out. He did measure my chain, and yes, it is stretched way out, it is shot, and this was the reason I was having the 'skipping' or slippage on the FLETC ride while going up hills under real power. He was surprised I got 5,000+ miles out of the Ultegra chain.

I'd like to try out a full compliment of SRAM components, say the Force or Rival, even. I cannot even consider the Red level, I mean, I'd love it, but I cannot justify spending that much on components alone. I mean, they were teams racing on the Pro Tour level, top continental teams now, racing on Shimano Ultegra level stuff. So for now, I think I will try the SRAM chain, see how she holds up, how it shifts, how it 'feels' during the ride, and go from there. I was thinking about maybe, just maybe now, building a new road bike with a new CF frame, and new components, next year. Maybe a Cervelo RS frame, and SRAM?? Maybe...I might even sell the TT bike to fund this project...but that's for another post and another day!

Yeah, I made a few other stops, too.

Not all the stuff in the pic was from today, BTW, the Polar computer stuff I have had lying around, from my rehabbed CS200cad. I will install that on one of my bikes here soon. But I did make a pit stop at Barnes and Noble, to peruse the mags. Can you tell I'm getting anxious to ride again???? Uh, yeah, and then there was the Garmin GPS purchase last week, man, I've been spending a bunch!

Seriously, I am a bike (and running) mag junkie. I usually have at least two (and often more) subscriptions to any given running/biking/tri mags at any given time; I will still stop at the book store to 'aisle shop', reading one or two at least while there, sometimes buying one (or more). Today, for example, I read the entire "Road" bike magazine, which I like, as they are an oversized mag, with awesome pics, really interesting and artistic shots, and some really good racing articles; the downside? Tons and tons of huge, full color, gawdy ads, pages after pages of them. I guess they have to pay the bills too.

I also ordered a new saddle for the Giant, which, by the way, sits in the repair stand, looking like this:

No saddle, no FD, no pedals, but at least she's clean!

I found a decent price on a Fizik Arione saddle, the same as my Fizik Arione Tri seat essentially. This one is a sweet black and red, with matching red bar tape, I should have it by Thursday (bought it off eBay this AM, and I already got a shipping confirmation email!). So the Giant will be road worthy by Friday PM.

I got a 17 mile ride in yesterday, instead of a run. I went a bit faster than I had planned, 18.7 mph average and done in 55 minutes. Wind was killer, 20+ mph W/SW with gusts to 30mph. But it was a great ride, great weather, and it felt good to ride again! A bunch of us are planning an easy group ride soon, a 'Tour de Java', a nice easy 15-20 mile ride, with a stop at Mocha Lisa for coffee and some sweets!

More later, I've got to run my oldest to piano now!

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  1. gotta keeps the bike road worthy. mine is headed to the shop today. yesterday got too busy at work.

    cycling is a great thing in a marathon taper. enjoy it dude! the tour de java sounds like fun.